I firmly believe that every choice we make either contributes to or detracts from our health.


I believe in balance.

I don’t believe in “everything in moderation.”


I believe in positive reinforcement.

I don’t believe in guilt or shame in connection with food or health.


I believe that good health is the sum of many small habits over time.

I don’t believe in a quick fix.


I believe that a healthy body is a happy body, no matter the size or shape.

I don’t believe that “nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels.” (Hello, chocolate.)


I believe that everyone has the right to healthy, affordable food.

I believe in following intuition instead of rules. 

I believe that real, whole foods trump supplements [almost] every time.


With a focus on real, whole, fresh, unprocessed foods, it's easy to establish a foundation upon which to build your own plan, one that works for your life and your body.

But as important as what you eat is, how you eat it also makes a difference.

I believe that having a healthy mindset is the first step toward making lasting changes for better health. That means having a sense of humor and a sense of flexibility; it means realizing that "perfect" isn't going to solve any problems, especially if those problems revolve around food or body image; it means prioritizing good food as fuel for a life well lived.

Because that is the end result: a happy mind, a healthy body, and a life well lived.