Product Reviews: Personal Favorites and Recommendations

I love my job. As the chief product reviewer for Paleo Magazine, I have the opportunity to test out new and interesting items from big companies and small businesses alike. Everything I receive is somehow connected to the Paleo lifestyle, whether it's grass-fed beef jerky bars, minimalist earthing sandals, or ancestral health cookbooks. It constantly changes and always exposes me to new information - and as a lover of learning and a curious consumer, I have a ton of fun.

Every product review I write for Paleo Magazine is positive. We don't publish negative reviews because there's little that constructive criticism can accomplish in public that won't be well-received and more effective in private. As such, that means that I like everything that I review.

From grain-free granolas to green skin care, I've tried - and loved - it all. Here is a roundup of some of my personal favorites - click through to read my full reviews!

Primal Pit Paste - I've used Primal Pit Paste deodorant for more than two years now, and although I'm a die-hard fan of their classic Lavender, I was recently introduced to their Royal & Rogue stick, their yummy lip balm, and their witty little Popo Powder. 

Coffee Blocks - Not only are Coffee Blocks a delicious, easy way to make a loaded cup of coffee without all of the blending and whirring of machinery first thing in the morning, but the idea is so damn clever. I love a company that sees a need - or a trend - and steps in to fill it.

Cocoa Manna Fine Brewing Chocolate - I've followed Cocoa Manna for several years now, and I continue to enjoy their brewing chocolate for its unabashedly chocolate aroma and flavor as my evening "dessert" of choice. I even mentioned them in my post about fasting from coffee.

Urban Moonshine Herbal Bitters - The concept behind Urban Moonshine is to re-familiarize Western culture with the bitter flavors that were once a pillar in our ancestors' diets. I love their Energy Tonic, their travel bitters for digestive-suppressant air travel, and the Maple Bitters for making cocktails.

Caroline's Dream Skincare - This small, family-run business crafts artisan, herbal creams and salves, using only natural ingredients. Their Lavender + Geranium Cream is my favorite. 

OMGhee - Ghee is my cooking fat of choice, and while I usually make my own to save money, it's great to know that there's a reputable brand out there that creates consistently delicious stuff. 

Hazelnut Butter Bliss - I tore through two jars of this stuff in an embarrassingly short amount of time. The combination of ground hazelnuts, honey and sea salt was the right combination of all of my favorite flavors. I ate it by the spoonful.

Tessemae's - It's really difficult to find ready-made dressings and sauces that aren't full of junk ingredients, and I'm usually not thoughtful enough to make my own by the time dinner rolls around. I love Tessemae's salad dressings, marinades and, specifically, their spicy buffalo sauce, for this reason. 

Dang Coconut Chips - Ooh, these are dangerously good. Crispy, carmelized, coconutty and slightly sweet, all in one, these chips make for a fun snack.

Battle Balm - I still use Battle Balm to this day to sooth and heal my CrossFit calluses. 

Philosophie - These superfood powders were so much fun to play with, and I enjoyed adding them to smoothies or homemade chocolates. The Berry Bliss powder is my favorite.

The Dirt Paleo Personal Care - The Dirt makes some fantastic products, although when I wrote my review I only had access to their tooth remineralizing powder. I'd love to try their natural colognes and the MCT oil toothpaste.

Do you have any favorite products, of which you constantly sing praises? I'd like to hear what you enjoy using in your kitchens, your routines, your daily lives. (One of mine is definitely the Instant Pot. They should really pay me for all of the Instant Pot-evangelizing I do.)