My Take on Some 2014 Nutrition Policy

As a freelance journalist, I am equal parts detective and creator. I make it my business to sniff out the latest nutrition policy news to not only bolster my own understanding of the health care system and the connection between politics and the food system, but also to make sure I spread the word about how changes in dietary guidelines or food quality standards could change a normal American's life. 

Below are some of articles published online and in Paleo Magazine concerning nutrition policy changes from 2014:

This article was originally published in the April/May 2014 issue of Paleo Magazine in response to the annual US News & World Report Diet Ranking. Check out the compilation of opinions in this piece, US News & World Report Ranking of the Paleo Diet.

Last year there was plenty of hubub about changes made to school lunch programs to add more fruits and vegetables and cut out sugar in cafeteria offerings to school kids. Alas, what really happened was that snack food manufacturers took the government guidelines and ran amuck with them, crafting nutrition labels that matched the ideal in theory while the ingredients list remained a horrendous mix of chemicals, preservatives, and sugar substitutes. Read my article here, New School Lunch Guidelines And Recent Convention Illustrate the Gap Between Policy And Reality

And, from way back in 2013, I've got a couple of articles that may be worth going back into the archives for: AMA Redefines Obesity and Why GMO-Labeling Is Totally Paleo

If you get a chance to check out my articles, please feel free to comment on this post. Let me know if you liked them and why, if you agree or disagree, and what you think about the state of U.S. nutrition policy.